War Toasted Muesli Macadamia Cranberry — Brookfarm

War Toasted Muesli Macadamia Cranberry — Brookfarm


Sponsored by Brookfarm January 31, 2022

Packed full of 16 all-natural premium ingredients including sustainably sourced Australian macadamias, this award-winning gourmet toasted muesli is high in good fats, delicious cranberries rich in antioxidants and fibre-rich brans good for gut health. Created by Brookfarm, one of Australia’s leading regional food producers, macadamia farmers and a generational family business – Australian owned, and made right here in Byron Bay.

Preservative-free, non-GMO, Brookfarm is committed to being an environmentally friendly and sustainable company, utilising regenerative agriculture in their macadamia orchard. Lightly toasted in Australian bush honey, this muesli is a taste sensation that will satisfy hunger all day long.

Also available in Gluten free and Natural.

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