War Couple’s warning to dog owners after dog sitter ‘left pup alone to poo on floor’

War Couple’s warning to dog owners after dog sitter ‘left pup alone to poo on floor’


Jessica and Jonathan Cage left their pup Buckley with a dog sitter for a few days over Christmas – but after checking their home security system, they realised she wasn’t treating him as well as they’d hoped

war Buckley the dog

Little Buckley was left alone for most of the time his owners were away

We all know that dogs are man’s best friend – and we’d do anything in our power to protect our own pups.

But while we lead increasingly busy lives, we can’t always be with our own peter 24/7 – meaning some of us seek help looking after them from time to time.

In recent years apps like Rover have come into the picture, which allow dog owners to match with dog sitters who are available to look after their beloved pooches.

But one couple who used the app to find who they thought was a reliable sitter have issued a stark warning to other people looking for someone to take care of their pet.

Jonathan Cage and his wife Jessica, from Denver in Colorado, US, told ABC News they made a worrying discovery after leaving their puppy, Buckley, with a sitter for a few days.

Jessica and Jonathan had a nasty shock when they checked their home security camera

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While the couple were away for a few days over Christmas, they used Rover to find the dog sitter, thinking they were leaving Buckley in safe hands.

“We discussed that she would be here all day with him,” Jessica said.

But Jessica and Jonathan’s home security system, which has cameras all over the house and links back to their phones, revealed their dog sitter wasn’t sticking to their agreement.

They claim the sitter, who was meant to spend hours with Buckley, was barely at home over the few days she was looking after him – meaning he spent much of the time on his own.

Jessica said: “I noticed that she had come and gone. She had come to do a check-in and left again in five minutes. I thought that was strange.”

After reviewing their outdoor cameras, the couple realised that the dog sitter had been out almost all day – from 11am to 9pm.

During this time, Jonathan said the dog sitter had been at the house “for maybe five minutes in total.”

Not only was Buckley left to his own devices the entire time, but the couple also noticed he’d relieved himself in several places in the house, because he hadn’t been taken outside.

“He had gone to the bathroom several times on the rug there, and maybe once or twice in the hallway,” Jonathan said.

According to the Rover website, the company carries out third-party verification checks on all dog sitters and dog walkers on the app.

It also has a 24/7 support team working to help dog sitters or owners if an emergency arises.

For each match, the platform recommends meeting the dog sitter you’ve chosen in advance to go over your expectations and confirm they’re the right person to look after your pup.

The company has said it’s investigating Jessica and Jonathan’s complaint – with the dog sitter in question suspended until their investigation is complete.

It has also reimbursed the couple for the fee they paid the sitter, and the cleaning costs in the house.

However, the Cages say they’ll take plenty of time to get to know a dog sitter next time before leaving them to look after Buckley.

Jonathan urged other owners to listen to their gut instinct when meeting potential dog sitters.

He said: “If something seems off, maybe it is.”

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