The 1/6 Committee Has Dropped The Hammer On Kevin McCarthy

The 1/6 Committee Has Dropped The Hammer On Kevin McCarthy

The 1/6 Committee not only wants information from House Minority Leader McCarthy about his actions on and before 1/6. They also want to talk to him about what he did after the attack.

The 1/6 Committee Has Important Questions For Kevin McCarthy

According to a press release from the 1/6 Committee:

Representative McCarthy was reportedly in communication with White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows in the days prior to January 6th. Chairman Thompson wrote in his letter, “We also must learn about how the President’s plans for January 6th came together, and all the other ways he attempted to alter the results of the election. For example, in advance of January 6th, you reportedly explained to Mark Meadows and the former President that objections to the certification of the electoral votes on January 6th ‘was doomed to fail.’”

Chairman Thompson underscored various public accounts detailing Rep. McCarthy’s communication with the former President in which Rep. McCarthy reportedly encouraged the former President to take action to stop the January 6th riot. “You have acknowledged speaking directly with the former President while the violence was underway on January 6th,” wrote Chairman Thompson.

In addition, Chairman Thompson sought information about reports that, according to Rep. McCarthy, the former President acknowledged his own culpability for the violence of January 6th. Chairman Thompson wrote, “Further, you shared an account of your communications with President Trump with a local news outlet in your district, which reported that you had a ‘very heated conversation’ with the President as the riot was taking place, and urged the President to ‘get help’ to the Capitol. Many similar reports appear on and after January 6th from a number of other news organizations. And, in addition to all of those published accounts—which each appear consistent with your public statements at the time—Politico reported that you shared an even greater degree of detail with your colleagues in a widely attended conference call on January 11th. On that call, according to the report, you stated that President Trump had admitted ‘some degree of responsibility for January 6th in his one-on-one conversations with you.”

The Select Committee is also seeking information related to Rep. McCarthy’s actions after the January 6th riot. Chairman Thompson wrote, “The Select Committee is aware that, notwithstanding the unacceptable violence that day, you nevertheless agreed to support continued objections to the electoral votes from multiple states late in the evening of January 6th and into the morning of January 7th. The Select Committee wishes to question you regarding communications you may have had with President Trump, President Trump’s legal team, Representative Jordan, and others at the time on that topic.”

The Select Committee’s investigation has also identified Rep. McCarthy as potentially having information about the former President’s state of mind and decisions inside the White House in the aftermath of January 6th. Chairman Thompson wrote, “It appears that you had one or more conversations with the President during this period, including a conversation on or about January 11th…. It appears that you may also have discussed with President Trump the potential he would face a censure resolution, impeachment, or removal under the 25th Amendment. It also appears that you may have identified other possible options, including President Trump’s immediate resignation from office.”

Kevin McCarthy Was More Involved With The Plot Than He Has Disclosed

Chairman Thompson asked a very important question. Why did Kevin McCarthy continue to support the coup plot after the 1/6 attack?

McCarthy stayed in communication with Trump after the attack, and the Minority Leader seems nearly terrified of investigators getting his phone records. 

Sidney Powell has stated that McCarthy was leading the House plot to overturn the election by blocking the certification of Joe Biden’s victory. McCarthy’s behavior as Trump’s puppet may be guided by more than his desire to be the next Speaker of the House.

Kevin McCarthy might be covering for Trump to save his own hide.

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