Sports Golf Rival is celebrating Lunar New Year with two new tournaments and multiple rewards

Sports Golf Rival is celebrating Lunar New Year with two new tournaments and multiple rewards


Zynga Inc.’s subsidiary StarLark has just announced the launch of a Lunar New Year event in their sports game Golf Rival, to celebrate the Year of the Tiger. It is a rapidly growing title and is the second largest mobile golf game.

Golf Rival is celebrating the Lunar New Year until February 9th, with all the festivities taking place on the newly created course – Heavenly Waters. It draws inspiration from Guilin, a picturesque city in Southern China known for its splendid scenery and nature that is praised by a lot of poets. To celebrate the New Year, golfers will find the entire course decorated with sky lanterns, sparkly dragons, colourful water, and dazzling fireworks.


Speaking about the Lunar New Year, StarLark Found and General Manager Henry You, said: “The Lunar New Year is a wonderful time for friends and family to unite through games. With the new in-game events, the Golf Rival team has captured the spirit of the Year of the Tiger in a playful way, and we are excited to share these friendly competitions with our players.”

Players can also participate in two new events that have been introduced with this event. The first one is the Red Lantern Challenge, a 12 round PvP tournament where players advance to successive rounds after beating their peers and win rewards like a Diamond Treasure Box and Batwing Clubs for completing each round. In case of a draw, players will battle it out on a nocturnal course decked with red lanterns and fireworks.


For an even greater challenge, players can participate in the Jade Dragon Tournament Challenge, which will put all their skills to the test. Both the events will feature customized golf balls called The Jade Dragon and The Pearl Tiger that represent balance and power in Chinese Buddhist culture.

Celebrate the Lunar New Year by downloading Golf Rival for free on the App Store and Google Play.

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