Mark Kelly Announces Support For Filibuster Change For Voting Rights

Mark Kelly Announces Support For Filibuster Change For Voting Rights

Sen. Mark Kelly’s announcement that he will support the filibuster rules change for voting rights isolates Manchin and Sinema.


Sen. Mark Kelly, D-Ariz., will support a change to the filibuster rule, The Arizona Republic has learned, showing for the first time a willingness to bend on an issue that has tied the Senate in knots for a year as the Democratic legislative agenda has stalled. 

Kelly, who is up for reelection this year, will back a “talking filibuster” rule only for the proposed voting rights legislation that he co-sponsors.

Republicans are planning on using Sinema’s opposition to the filibuster change against Mark Kelly in the midterm election. 

Sen. Kelly is supporting the proposed filibuster rule change that would force opponents of voting rights to keep talking and hold the floor indefinitely. The filibuster could last for weeks because there would be no more phone it in obstruction. The opponents of the legislation must be on the floor and talking.

If they stop talking or holding the floor, the filibuster will be broken and the legislation could be passed with a simple majority.

The proposed change would keep the filibuster, but force Republicans to work for it.

The support of Sen. Kelly for this change means that Manchin and Sinema are alone on an island enablement of Republican voter suppression.

Senate Democrats won’t get the win today, but with each attempt, they get closer to passing voting rights, and it feels like it is only a matter of time until they are successful.

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