Jobs Amazon, NHS, Google, Tesco or Apple perhaps: These are the companies we want to work for the most

Jobs Amazon, NHS, Google, Tesco or Apple perhaps: These are the companies we want to work for the most


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As we all have differing dreams and ambitions, the organisation we want to work for can vary. S

ome of us are motivated by working in sectors that offer the most financial gain, whereas others are interested in jobs that can make a real difference in the world.  

But is there a particular organisation that we are most interested in working for?

The team at Reboot Online utilised an online analytics tool to find the institution with the most globally searched for vacancies online and shared its findings with City A.M. 

Turns out, Amazon is the organisation with the most searched for vacancies online, with 2,106,000 global online searches per month.

Second is the NHS with 1,646,500 global searches per month, followed by Walmart and Google.

Rank Organisation Total no. of global online searches

for jobs (per month)
1 Amazon 2,106,000
2 NHS 1,646,500
3 Walmart 813,900
4 Google 454,200
5 Target 335,700
6 Tesco 286,600
7 Apple 222,900
8 FedEx 210,650
9 Home Depot 177,700
10 Microsoft 175,100
11 Costco 169,250
12 Tesla 162,000
13 Starbucks 156,800
14 Facebook 152,100
15 Sainsbury’s 125,200

The most common search variations for vacancies at Amazon include ‘Amazon jobs’ (1,600,000 monthly searches) and ‘Amazon careers’, namely 466,000 monthly searches.

Americans are wanting a job at Amazon the most, with a total of 60 per cent of the searches for Amazon jobs coming from the USA – followed by India (13 per cent) and the UK (5 per cent).

Second is the NHS (National Health Service), with a total of 1,646,500 global online searches per month. The publicly funded health care system in the United Kingdom has seen searches for ‘NHS jobs’ come in at over 1,600,000 searches per month.

Internet search engine giant, Google, is fourth with 454,200 global searches per month (‘Google jobs’ ‘Google careers’ – 434,000 searches combined) – 66 per cent more than fellow digital company Facebook who finished 14th (152,100 monthly searches).

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