Jobs 10 hot marketing jobs available now in T&T

Jobs 10 hot marketing jobs available now in T&T


Human Resource (HR) professionals are seeking the best applicants for roles within marketing departments in T&T.

A broad spectrum of roles is available within these organisations.

There are roles at the management level that will allow qualified persons to develop and lead their marketing department.

Positions in the area of digital marketing will allow persons to use their specialised talents. Meanwhile, there are roles in business development, brand management and more.

Companies that secure the best marketing talent will be able to build their brands and compete effectively against rival organisations. 

Here are 10 Marketing jobs in T&T:

Digital Media Specialist – Belgroves Funeral Home Company Limited

Digital Marketing Manager (VEMCO) – Agostini’s

Marketing Manager – Premium Beverages – AS Bryden & Sons (Trinidad) Limited & Bryden pi Limited

Digital Product Manager – Digicel

Brand Manager, Alstons Marketing Company Ltd (AMCO) – ANSA McAL Group of Companies

Business Development Manager, Alstons Marketing Company Ltd (AMCO) – ANSA McAL Group of Companies

E-Commerce Lead – Value Optical Limited

Marketing Executive –

Telemarketer/Customer Service Representative – Delta Window and Doors

Content Scheduling Assistant – Fearless Talent Agency Tips ( Contributor Garth Francis MBA)

The competition for jobs is intense so your CV needs to stand out. Recruiters want to quickly determine if you have the potential to be a great fit for the role and the organisation. This will help you to get to the interview stage.

Here are four ways to help your CV to stand out:

  • Customise your CV for the job that you are applying for
  • Let the job description guide the content of your customised CV
  • Use a strong professional summary at the start of your CV (briefly highlight your relevant skills, accomplishments and experience)
  • Avoid irrelevant information so that the recruiter can easily focus on the important details

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