Golf Ex-Golfer Cho Yoon-ji Finds Happiness in Doing Art

Golf Ex-Golfer Cho Yoon-ji Finds Happiness in Doing Art



Cho Yoon-ji

Former golfer Cho Yoon-ji used to be known for her splendid fade shots on the green, but now she has turned to painting, exploring a new career path.

About two years ago, Cho (31) abruptly left the green, with her only explanation being, “I want to be happy.”

She elaborated about her decision recently in an interview with the Chosun Ilbo. “Although playing golf was something I did well and liked the most, I found I was utterly exhausted after every match, which requires a player to fully focus without showing emotions.” She says she still has unpleasant dreams about playing golf.

Her parents, who opposed her decision to quit at the time, are now supportive, encouraging her to do something that makes her happy.

She now occupies herself decorating golf shoes — an activity that has drawn some attention on social media. She started painting on golf shoes after a Nike sports marketer proposed the idea. Cho has received requests from other sports brands as well.

“These days I paint on canvases and even on an iPad. Every time I do, I realize I’m alive and happy,” she says.

Cho will hold her first art exhibition in May.

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