Game Where to Watch Super Bowl LVI for Free

Game Where to Watch Super Bowl LVI for Free





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Super Bowl LVI is right around the corner, and it may be one of the biggest games of the last decade. With fan-favorite teams and a crazy halftime show lineup, you don’t want to miss this one—thankfully, you can watch Super Bowl 2022 for free!

Here’s everything you need to know ahead of Super Bowl LVI, plus some methods to watch the game without cable or a premium streaming subscription.

Super Bowl LVI: Everything You Need to Know

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Wait, you haven’t read up on the 2022 Super Bowl yet? This year’s game may be the biggest in recent memory, with a killer halftime show and fan-favorite teams. Here’s everything you need to know about Super Bowl LVI.

When Does the 2022 Super Bowl Air?

The Super Bowl is currently planned to air at 3:30PM PT (6:30PM ET) on Sunday, February 13th. It takes place at Los Angeles’ SoFi Stadium—the home of the Chargers and Rams.

These plans aren’t 100% set in stone, though. Technical disruptions, such as power outages, have delayed Super Bowls in the past. Also, the NFL has a few backup stadiums in case weather or COVID-19 restrictions make SoFi Stadium untenable. (For what it’s worth, the NFL publicly states that COVID-19 won’t impact Super Bowl LVI.)

Who’s Playing at the 2022 Super Bowl?

We’re nearing the end of an extended 17-game season, and eight teams remain in the playoff ahead of Super Bowl LVI. Odds are that the Packers and Rams will make the Super Bowl, though the Buccaneers and 49ers also stand a chance.

For in-depth Super Bowl odds, which I’m definitely not qualified to give, check out SportsLine.

The 2022 Super Bowl Halftime Show Is HUGE!

Last year’s Super Bowl halftime show featured an iconic performance from The Weeknd, but I have a feeling that this year’s performers will draw a much bigger crowd.

Yeah—performers. We’re getting an all-star cast of hip-hop and R&B legends this year, including the great Mary J. Blige, Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Kendrick Lamar, and Eminem. Halftime shows usually last 20 or 30 minutes, but if you’re like me, you’re probably crossing your fingers for a full concert this February.

Where to Stream the 2022 Super Bowl for Free

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Every year, one of the United States’ top three broadcasters (NBC, Fox, CBS) gets the rights to air the Super Bowl. This year goes to NBC, which is available with most cable and live TV streaming services. You can also stream the game on NBC Peacock with a subscription. (Unfortunately, only Fox knows how to stream a Super Bowl in 4K HDR, so we’re stuck with another 1080p game.)

But if you’re like me, you don’t have cable or a live TV streaming subscription. You’ll have to watch the Super Bowl for free with one of two apps—either the NFL app or Yahoo Sports app.

Both of these apps are free and available for iPhone, iPad, Android devices, smart TVs, and streaming sticks. I suggest downloading one of these apps now to save time on game day.

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