Game Mark Drakeford’s advice for people attending the Six Nations games

Game Mark Drakeford’s advice for people attending the Six Nations games


People attending six nations games, or watching in pubs, should make decisions about how to do so safely, First Minister Mark Drakeford has warned.

Restrictions are easing to allow people to attend Six Nations games or join others to watch them in pubs and elsewhere. But they should take action not to put themselves or others at risk, the First Minister said.

Speaking at today’s Welsh Government coronavirus briefing the First Minister urged people going to the stadium, or going out to watch the Six Nations with others, to take a lateral flow test first.

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Fans should also wear masks and think about who they are mixing with.

Asked what advice he would give to those heading out for the Six Nations, Mark Drakeford said: “Well, the rules will allow that to happen, certainly to attend the game, and hopefully by Friday of next week, we’ll be in a position to confirm that pubs and restaurants and other parts of hospitality will be fully open.

“So there will be no legal reason why people should not make those decisions.

“We will still ask people to think those decisions through to do the sensible things to take a lateral flow test before you go out and to make sure that you’re not going to be spreading the virus to others.

“To wear a mask if you are in crowded indoor public places and to think about the people you will be meeting and mixing with so that you’re not putting yourself or other people at risk.

“But those are the questions that we have become very used to asking ourselves over the course of the pandemic.

“Coronavirus hasn’t gone away. So while those things will be possible, you’d still be asking people to go about them in a way that is responsible, which thinks about their own welfare and the welfare of others.”

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