Game In other acquisition news, Wordle has been bought by The New York Times

Game In other acquisition news, Wordle has been bought by The New York Times


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The explosively popular browser-based word game Wordle has been bought by The New York Times for a sum “in the low seven figures,” the American media company has announced.

“The Times remains focused on becoming the essential subscription for every English-speaking person seeking to understand and engage with the world. New York Times Games are a key part of that strategy,” reads a statement from The New York Times. “Wordle will now play a part in that daily experience, giving millions more people around the world another reason to turn to The Times to meet their daily news and life needs.”

Though many of its games can be played for free, The New York Times offers a $5 subscription service that grants access all of the company’s word games and logic puzzles including the full version of The Crossword, The Mini Crossword, Spelling Bee, and Tiles. Both The New York Times and Wordle creator Josh Wardle say the popular word game will be free to play when it launches on The New York Times’ website, but it’s unclear if it’ll eventually become locked behind a paywall.

Wardle, a Brooklyn-based software engineer, launched Wordle in October, and it’s since been played by millions of people according to The New York Times. In a statement, Wardle called the game’s success “overwhelming.”

“It has been incredible to watch a game bring so much joy to so many, and I feel so grateful for the personal stories some of you have shared with me – from Wordle uniting distant family members, to provoking friendly rivalries, to supporting medical recoveries,” wrote Wardle. “On the flip side, I’d be lying if I said this hasn’t been a little overwhelming. After all, I am just one person, and it is important to me that, as Wordle grows, it continues to provide a great experience to everyone.”

It’s been a big day for acquisitions, as earlier on Monday Sony announced that it’s buying Destiny 2 studio Bungie for $3.6 billion.

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