Ex-Wife Of Oath Keepers Leader Warns Trump Is Trying To Weaponize His Supporters

Ex-Wife Of Oath Keepers Leader Warns Trump Is Trying To Weaponize His Supporters

Tasha Adams, the ex-wife of Oath Keepers leader Stewart Rhodes, says that Trump is trying to weaponize his supporters for civil war.

Video of Adams:

Adams said on CNN, “I think it’s mortifying. Absolutely mortifying. Donald Trump is trying to weaponize his supporters. And I think he is afraid. I don’t know Donald Trump personally, obviously. But I lived under the Stewart Rhodes regime for a long time, so I certainly know the patterns and the behaviors of a grandiose narcissist who has a bit of a messiah complex. I recognize an underlying threat immediately when I hear one. And the threat is that he’s afraid he’s going to be indicted, so he is trying to weaponize his supporters, and it’s an absolute threat. “

Adams warned that when his far-right militia supporters listen to Trump, they hear a call for civil war, “They hear civil war. This is the civil war they’ve been waiting for. A lot of these guys live for this. They have been waiting for this. They spend their lives preparing for it. They look forward to it. There’s an air of disappointment when it doesn’t turn violent with these guys, I think, a lot of them.”

The Corporate Media Needs To Stop Treating Trump As Politics As Usual

Trump’s comments were not politics as usual. His most violent and extremist supporters got the message. Trump is trying to build his own boots-on-the-ground weapon to destroy democracy and return him to power.

The corporate media continues to frame Trump and the radicalization of the Republican Party in normal political terms.

What Trump is doing is not normal. He is not going to go away if ignored.

The fight has already begun to save democracy.

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