Election MSJ congratulates BLP on clean sweep at general election

Election MSJ congratulates BLP on clean sweep at general election


Mia Mottley.

The Movement for Social Justice (MSJ) has extended congratulations to the Barbados Labour Party, following its unprecedented second clean sweep in yesterday’s General Elections.

The Mia Mottley-led BLP won all 30 parliamentary seats.

MSJ Leader David Abdulah in a statement said the election result was a clear indication of the unity among the people of Barbados.

Abdulah said: “The people of Barbados have answered with a resounding response! The measure of the country’s unity is in all 30 constituencies democratically electing as their representative the candidate of the BLP.

There can be absolutely no doubting that the citizens of Barbados wish you to lead them as the nation journeys into the future as a new Republic. And, the people have given you a mandate to implement the policies and programmes to which you made a commitment in your Manifesto.”

He urged Mottley to continue to put the people of Barbados first, as he recognised her efforts during her tenure as Prime Minister thus far.

The MSJ leader said: “Prime Minister, when such a historic victory is achieved there are also great expectations. We know that you will – as you did so admirably in your first term – engage the people in processes of participatory governance that may not be required by the Constitution or the law, but which are a necessary condition to enable the unity of the people to be sustained and expectations to be adjusted by the realities of the day.”

Abdulah said from the perspective of another Caribbean nation, the expectation is to see continued visionary leadership for the region and its people in all forums, be it at the level of CARICOM, or on the global stage.

“We are confident that you will neither disappoint your citizens nor those of us in the Caribbean who stand in solidarity with your leadership,” the MSJ leader concluded.

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