Decision Depends Primarily Upon Biden and 2022

Decision Depends Primarily Upon Biden and 2022

CNN has a new story out today that finally seems to honestly assess the possibility of Trump running in 2024.

The country has spent a year inundated with stories assuring us that Trump was running in 2024, offices set up in Iowa, clearing the field from primary opponents, and on and on, very few of them mentioning that Trump was always going to act and advertise that he was running, absolute certainty, no other option.

Trump desperately needs to keep the free money flowing in and the only way to keep that cash flow is to be a viable political candidate or at least sound like a certain political candidate. A president emeritus who likes to tell Senators what to do isn’t going to have a bunch of money flowing in.

It was infuriating to see the journalistic malpractice occurring, citing “sources closest to Trump saying he’s 99% sure, he’s running…” What did they expect to hear from most sources? “It will be a very complicated decision dependent upon many variables that we won’t be able to ascertain for two years”?

But again, this time, CNN brings us something approaching the truth: Quoting a “current advisor:”

“[He was] still pretty dejected up until a few months ago, when his whole demeanor started changing the worse things became for Biden,” said one current adviser. “[He then started] seriously thinking about 2024 and what he needs to do this year so that he’s in a solid position for another campaign.

“If Biden is back up to 46 percent approval or above, everyone is universally in agreement that Trump is out,”

If Biden is strong, or if the Democrats are strong and Biden chooses – on his own – to step aside to allow someone with a possible two more terms have a go at it, why would Trump risk a second injury from which he would never recover? One election can be “rigged,” two losses is utter rejection.

Trump better not be making decisions based on how Biden is doing now because Trump and his MAGA administrators are in for a ride this spring and summer. News will come out that will shock the American public, Trump will likely be indicted in New York, and people around Trump’s November to January 6th efforts will be arrested by guys in cool FBI windbreakers and badges around their necks, if not Trump himself.

Trump will seethe and continue to talk about rigged elections.

All of this will happen while squeaky clean Joe Biden continues to go about his job, smiling, and optimistic, believing in America and having a plan for the future that goes beyond revenge. It might almost help Biden if the Democrats get wiped out in 2022 because the Republicans will spend two years doing exactly nothing but impeaching Biden five times, with nothing on a Biden administration that – while making mistakes – will not be corrupt.

Finally, someone writes an article that addresses Trump’s reality. Trump will not run in 2024 unless someone can damn near guarantee him a win, whether that someone is an American or whatever.


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